The Measure of a Marsh

December 2018 • Volume 17, Numbers 3 & 4
Despite heat and mosquitoes, Luther Cornish mows his lawn several times a week in the summer to keep the drainage area clear.
Rona Kobell

Smithville Tries to Stem the Tide

A few decades ago, this Eastern Shore hamlet had close to 100 residents. Today, only four remain. Economic pressures took their toll on the African-American community established around the time of the Civil War; now, a marsh threatens its historic church and cemetery. With the water coming, can Smithville hold on to its past?  more . . .

A typical marsh on the Eastern Shore.
Nicole Lehming

The Place in Between

Too dry to be bay, too wet to be forest, a marsh is the habitat that couldn’t make up its mind. But out of that indecision grows an ecosystem that’s indispensable to both water and land, and one of our best defenses against sea level rise and a changing climate.  more...

Researchers take SET measurements at the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maryland, one of seven CBSSC sentinel sites. Photo, Sarah Wilkins
Sarah Wilkins

We SET Our Sites on Collaboration

The Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Bay marshes are sending out signals. At Maryland Sea Grant, our sentinel site coordinator is working on making sense of what the marshes are telling us about our changing climate.  more...

Encroaching water brings wetland plants to the doorstep of an abandoned house. Photo, Eudora Miao
Rona Kobell

Churches Take on Climate Change

University of Maryland anthropologists are helping set up a formal assistance network for communities of faith on the water’s edge. more...
Jennifer Dindinger, an extension specialist on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, helps communities secure grant funding for planting projects, infrastructure work, and other efforts to become more resilient. Photo, Nicole Lehming / MDSG
Nicole Lehming

Meet the Extension Agent

A serendipitous phone call 15 years ago helped Jennifer Dindinger land her dream job as a watershed specialist on the Shore. more...

Ethan Hain and Ana Sosa

Suds, Scat, and Study

Maryland Sea Grant funds fellowships for young scientists. more...

Maryland Sea Grant Interns

Meet the students who help with communications. more...
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