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Ken Paynter hands off an underwater video camera to diver Tim Koles

Down on the Oyster Reefs [2:55]
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A biologist dives into his work. Ken Paynter on the damage from heavy fishing and devastating disease epidemics.

Dr. Don Meritt, HPL Oyster Hatchery

Rebuilding the Bay's Reefs [1:48]
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At the Horn Point Environmental Lab, Don Meritt turns out seed oysters full of oyster spat, and Charlie Frentz of the Oyster Recovery Partnership plants them in Chesapeake Bay.

Chad Ballard Jr., Cherrystone Aqua Farms, Inc.

A Chinese Oyster for the Chesapeake? [5:24]
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Seafood growers and packers are calling for replanting the Chesapeake with oysters from China. But scientists have formed cautious and sometimes conflicting opinions about the promise and perils of planting non-natives. Can Crassotrea ariakensis revive the tidewater seafood economy? Can it create ecological benefits for the ecosystem? Here in their own words are an oyster packer, an oyster grower and two oyster scientists.

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