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ScanFish lowered into the Bay

New Tools for the Oceanographer, New Discoveries for the Bay [6:41]
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Oceanographer Bill Boicourt uses the Scanfish, an underwater flying wing, to document a new discovery in Chesapeake Bay: a Hydraulic Control Zone just north of the Rappahannock Shoals. Like a valve on a water faucet, the Hydraulic Control can regulate the flow of salty ocean water into the northern Bay. As the Scanfish glides up and down through the Bay, it can take tens of thousands of readings per hour, measuring salinity, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen and plankton.

Brush awarded the Mathias Medal

Finding Gold at the Bottom of the Bay [6:11]
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A pioneer in estuarine paleoecology, Grace Brush has been charting the history of environmental change in the Chesapeake watershed. Her technique: dig up cores from the bottom of the Bay's rivers, marshes and mainstem. Her hypothesis: the sediment holds a history of ancient and recent events that altered the estuary. On May 6, 2004, Grace Brush became the first woman to be awarded the Mathias Medal for research that has a significant impact on public policy.

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