Terrapins: The Fall & Rise
December 2008 • Volume 7, Number 4
Willem and a terrapin

Biologist Willem Roosenburg grew up on the Patuxent River and later found his life's work there studying diamondback terrapins. Over his 22 years of research, terrapin populations have steadily declined…and so have the numbers of natural historians engaged in field work, close observation, and detailed record keeping. What does this mean for the Chesapeake Bay? more . . .

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In the early twentieth century, two talented and ambitious men used the diamondback terrapin to achieve different kinds of fortune and fame . . . but their plans went somewhat awry. more . . .

terrapin terrapins
diver underwater

Diving into the Bay's frigid waters in late December, Nick Caloyianis, underwater photographer turned naturalist, is on a quest to document life beneath the Bay. more . . .

Two decades of tracking terrapins in the Patuxent River has documented their decline.

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