State Legislatures Honor Bernie Fowler
Bernie Fowler

BERNIE FOWLER ENTERED POLITICS 46 YEARS AGO with $152 in campaign funds and a promise to fight for a cleanup of his beloved Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay. This February the legislatures of Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania passed resolutions honoring him for his political and moral leadership in the long battle to restore these waterways. His lawsuits helped force reductions in wastewater discharges. His Patuxent crusade became a model for the three-state campaign to restore the Chesapeake. And his annual wade-in events in the Patuxent River are keeping politicians and the public focused on the cause. Elected as County Commissioner and then Maryland State Senator, he also served as a member of the Chesapeake Bay Commission for 32 years. To learn more go to: h/V14N2/main2

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