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Sea Grant Review

The Maryland Sea Grant College Program will be reviewed by an external- Program Assessment Team on September 25-29, 2005. This notice is to invite all those interested to address written comments on any aspect of the program to Mr. Nathaniel E. Robinson, Chair, Program Assessment Team. These comments should be sent in care of Dr. Elizabeth Day, National Sea Grant College Program. NOAA R/SG 1315 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910 or via email to: elizabeth.day@noaa.gov. To provide timely input please submit your comments- by September 16, 2005.

Greer Receives President's Award for Execellence

Maryland Sea Grant's Jack Greer has received this year's President's Award for Excellence in the Application of Science from the University of Maryland Center for Environ-mental Science (UMCES). In presenting the award, President Donald Boesch cited Greer's outstanding efforts in communication and policy facilitation over 25 years of service to the Chesa-peake Bay region.

Jack Greer holding the President's Award for Execellence (heads of two herons)

Greer, Assistant Director for Communications and Public Affairs at Maryland Sea Grant, has made equally significant contributions in both environmental communication and policy work. In addition to writing, editing, and producing scores of articles, books, and reports for a wide range of audiences, Greer served for 12 years as the director of the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center and, recently, helped to facilitate the high profile Chesapeake Bay Watershed Blue Ribbon Finance Panel. The panel was appointed by the governors of the Bay states and the other members of the Chesapeake Executive Council in December 2003 to recommend finance strategies that would take the Bay cleanup effort to the next level.

"The timeframe for the Panel process was very tight. There was a lot of work and not much time to do it; yet, every deadline was met with thoughtful, high quality products," writes Rebecca Hanmer, director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Chesapeake Bay Program. "But what is most striking about working closely with him is his unfailing patience and good nature, and his ability to gently lead a group towards a positive, successful outcome."

"My work has brought me in contact with hundreds of leaders working to protect the Chesapeake Bay," writes Ann Pesiri-Swanson, Executive Director of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, who worked closely with Greer on the Bi-State Blue Crab Advisory Committee, charged with facilitating dialogue and coordinating blue crab fishery management options in Maryland and Virginia. "Few have impressed me more than Jack Greer. He is unmatched by his peers in both facilitation and writing. He can assess a situation quickly and recommend a course of action. Importantly, he can find the common ground when most have not yet found the story line."

The President's Award was established to recognize outstanding contributions in the application of scientific knowledge to benefit society. The award, endowed by President Boesch in 1999, recognizes faculty contributions in developing and applying a predictive ecology for the improvement of Maryland's environment.

Boesch presented Greer with the award, a bronze statue of two egrets, at a dinner reception during the UMCES Convo-cation, held April 28-29, 2005 in Solomons, Maryland.

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