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 Mike Paolisso

Following the Watermen:
An Anthropologist Arrives on Deal Island [4:00]
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Do the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay share similar values? A common culture? A collective worldview? Is their outlook rooted in their work, their sense of community, their sense of place? Anthropologist Michael Paolisso took those questions to Deal Island, an isolated enclave along Maryland's Eastern Shore. Here he talks about his work, and watermen Robert Daniels, Dickie Webster and Art Daniels talk about their lives.

Boat backing up to the dock

The Workboat Races of Deal Island [2:09]
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Every Labor Day is race day on Deal Island. Watermen in skipjacks and workboats compete for trophies and glory. David Horseman of Chance gets to fire the starter's horn for the Workboat Docking Contest.

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