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Welcome to Chesapeake Quarterly

Workboat leaving the dock - by Skip Brown In this inaugural issue of Chesapeake Quarterly we take a broad look at how attempts at restoring the Chesapeake Bay are faring two decades after the first Baywide study, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, documented major threats from overabundant nutrients, noxious sediments and degraded habitats. Drawing on the experiences of several long-time policy experts and scientists, the lead article recalls the early days of the current Bay restoration effort, and takes stock of where some of them think we are now - and where we need to go over the next twenty years.

In our next issue we will pay special tribute to Grace Brush, a prominent Bay scientist who has helped explain what changes have occurred in the estuary, not only during the past several decades, but over the span of centuries. Future issues will include profiles of other marine scientists as we attempt to highlight the life-long contributions made by a number of dedicated researchers to our understanding of the Chesapeake.

Chesapeake Quarterly replaces Maryland Marine Notes, the newsletter on research, education and outreach we produced from 1982-2001. When we first began publishing Marine Notes, few publications were available that focused on science and policy issues related to the Bay. Today there is a wealth of material from the EPA Bay Program, NOAA Chesapeake Bay office, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and others. What we bring to this mix, as part of the University System of Maryland, is an academic perspective on research and policy in the Chesapeake region.

In Chesapeake Quarterly, we will emphasize what we do best - synthesis and analysis of research and how it is used by managers, politicians, environmental groups and citizens to understand, manage and protect the Chesapeake Bay. This new format will enable us to include articles with more in-depth analysis, as well as higher quality photography and artwork.

The launching of Chesapeake Quarterly coincides with Maryland Sea Grant's celebration of twenty-five years of supporting research, education and outreach in the Bay region. As we look forward, we want to thank our many friends and supporters. We send a special note of appreciation to long-time readers of Maryland Marine Notes. A recent survey of those readers helped provide us with important guidance for shaping this new periodical, and we are grateful to the many who sent in comments, for their helpful criticism, kind words and encouragement. We hope that they, and all our readers, will enjoy Chesapeake Quarterly.

We encourage your observations, criticisms and suggestions, which you can send to us on paper or by e-mail to addresses listed in the masthead. If you have suggestions for articles, we would be delighted to hear them. We look forward to many more years of cooperation and collaboration, and to facilitating the ways in which research informs the process of protection and management of one of our most precious resources, the Chesapeake Bay.

- The Editors

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