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Skipjack on the Bay

A Century of Skipjacks [0:59]
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Since the 1890s watermen have been dredging oysters under sail on skipjacks - "two-sail bateaux" that were first built in dozens of small boatyards along the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia.

Art Daniels

The Boat Coming Alive [0:46]
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The oldest oyster captain, Art Daniels Jr., remembers his first boyhood sail on his father's skipjack.

Skipjack harvesting oysters

The Art of Oystering [2:12]
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Dredging oysters under sail with Captain Art Daniels Jr. of Deal Island, Maryland.

Art Daniels

A Waterman and His Boat [0:37]
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"As long as you don't get afraid and stick with the boat, she'll stand by you." (Art Daniels, Jr.)

The skipjack City of Crisfield on its side at the dock

A Skipjack Goes Down [0:40]
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The day Captain Daniels found his skipjack, City of Crisfield, drowned at the dock in Cambridge harbor.

The skipjack City of Crisfield in dry dock

And Rises Again [2:04]
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Sail rigger Rich Schofield and boat builder Mike Vlahovich go to work rebuilding the City of Crisfield.

Getting ready to launch the repaired skipjack City of Crisfield

A (Re)Launch Party [3:02]
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A skipjack goes down to the bay again - the first success in an ambitious project at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to restore the last working sail fleet in the country.

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